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7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
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Website Hacking: Could happen to you…

Is Weebly the right choice for you?

Weebly or WordPress? What to choose?

Disclaimer: The external links included in this article are NOT affiliate links. They are websites that I often use myself and I suggest them without having any kind of profit.

It’s true that Weebly is a very powerful and easy to use platform for a beginner, but it’s really the best choice for you?

Well… It depends on what you actually need and what you want to succeed through your website.

Let’s take a closer look…
We will check the Weebly Pros and Cons, summarize and then with a simple instant test you will figure out if you should stick to Weebly or not.

Weebly Pros

Quick & Easy Setup

Using Weebly you can actually build your website within minutes, especially if you don’t add many features and your website is quite simple.
Its easy builder and the wide range of templates allow you to create a pretty decent website easy and with no technical experience at all.

FREE Website

You can have a website with unlimited pages for absolutely free. If you choose to not use your own domain, you can have your website ready at no cost, as with Weebly you get hosting and a personalized Weebly URL without needing pay a single dime.
WordPress.com offers hosting and a personalized URL too, but the truth is that isn’t appropriate for beginners as it misses the handy, drag & drop, website builder provided by Weebly.

Mobile Friendly

More than the 50% of the Internet users now surf the web through their smartphones and tablets, so it’s vitally important for your website to function properly on any of them.
Weebly templates are already optimized for mobile devices, such as Android phones, iPhones, tablets, etc.

Powerful Tutorials

Weebly provides great tutorials for almost anything you may need, so if you are a beginner and you face any issue, it’s almost sure that you will find a tutorial to get helped. Plus, a great knowledge base is available and a pretty decent community forum where you can get some serious help is also accessed by free users.

Weebly Cons

Backups & Migration

Even though Weebly allows you to download a backup of your website, this backup is more or less useless. The zipped folder provided contains only the files related to the design and structure but NOT your content.

Articles, products, posts, comments, etc. aren’t included and if you by mistake delete any of them you have to contact their support in order to bring it back. All of them are stored in Weebly’s databases, where you don’t have access.

So, if you need to restore your website (if for instance it got hacked) you can’t do it with this backup.

For the same reason, you can’t migrate your website from Weebly to any other platform without hiring a developer or without recreating your existing content.
This doesn’t happen with other platforms.
For instance, Blogger which is another powerful blog platform, allows you to export your content without any hassle.


Even though Weebly offers a wide variety of features through its apps, CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others offer way more features and functionality.

For example, you can handle SEO, performance, maintenance and security tasks, newsletters and blogs way easier and more efficiently using another platform. Also, you can’t integrate any comment control system other than Facebook or Disqus, you can’t add custom content types, and your blog posts could be shared only through Facebook and Twitter.

Premium Plans

If we compare the annual maintenance cost of a self-hosted WordPress website to the annual maintenance cost of a Weebly hosted website, you will see that Weebly is more expensive than you think.

Let’s see…

The cheapest Weebly plan, if you are billed annually, costs around $90 and yet many important features such as memberships, password protected pages, digital products, site search, and others are missing.
For a corresponding self-hosted WordPress website you can use a free theme and free plugins and you will be charged only for hosting (in the most of the cases a free domain is included in yearly plans), meaning from $15 to $100, depending on the hosting provider that you will choose. Have in mind that many hosting providers, such as Godaddy, InMotion Hosting, etc. offer significant discounts for new clients.

You can find a useful hosting comparison chart here, where you can also be profited by considerable discounts.

To enjoy the extra features required for a professional website or e-shop, you have to upgrade to the Weebly Business plan that costs around $300 if you are billed annually or more if you are billed monthly.

If you are willing to spend this amount of money, I would strongly suggest you buying a premium WordPress theme with an included web page builder (from $59 to $79) or to use a free theme and buy a stand-alone drag & drop builder such as the Visual Composer (really my favorite one!) priced at $34. Browse ThemeForest, and you will find many great themes.

You will spend less and the results will be better than you ever imagined!

Why WordPress?

I am not suggesting WordPress because I use it, but I am using it because I suggest it!

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment and there is a reason for that. Even though it was started as a blogging platform, it became one of more powerful systems for building a website.
The two main reasons for its popularity are firstly the fact that you don’t need to be a developer to build a website, and secondly that you don’t need to spend much money to have a professional and impressive website.

Its continuously increasing popularity actually makes things even easier as due to that, new free plugins, tutorials, user guides, and many other free resources are created daily. Consequently, complex and demanding projects could be completed with minimum costs.

That’s why WordPress is my first choice.

Of course, WordPress isn’t perfect. Its main disadvantage is that you have to spend a lot of your personal time to have your website completed and isn’t so handy for beginners as Weebly. So hiring a WordPress developer isn’t so rare.


If you need a website just for informational or personal purposes and you are not planning to use it for making money from it (directly or not), then Weebly is just what you need.

If you need a professional website to help your business grow, increase your popularity, sell your products and services, gain more clients and in overall get profited, then you definitely need a WordPress website. You will need to invest time or money ( a good combination of them it’s the best choice) but I guarantee you will not regret it.

What’s best for you? Take the test and find out…

What you should choose, WordPress or Weebly?

Here are few simple questions. Reply with a simple “Yes” or “No”

– Are you working (or have others working) at least 4 hours per week on your website?

– Are you making (or planning to make money in the near future) through your website (directly or not)?

– Did you build your own website?

– Do you consider to invest some money (even a small amount) to your website?

– If you had the chance, you would change and/or add anything on your website?

If you replied “yes” to at least three questions, then WordPress is more appropriate for you, and I have good news for you!

Now you can migrate your website from Weebly to WordPress, safely, without any hassle, and at affordable cost!

Do you need more?

Book our migration service until Monday, 9 January 2017, and get profited by a 70% discount !
*You can book your migration now and ask for its fulfillment within a year from the moment of purchase. The transfer will be completed whenever you are ready or your premium plan expires.

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