Freelance Web Developer & Designer

Mary's Web Lab isn't the typical web agency you may have in mind... We are better than that!
Me and my Team, we concentrate to your individual requirements, and what we build is 100% tailored to your own specific needs, wants, and vision!
My aim is to cover my clients' demands as better as possible; That's why, me and my team, we provide a wide range of services.
Here is an indicative list of the services offered. If you have questions, or you can't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me!
Whatever your requirements are, we can meet them!

Web Design & Development by Mary's Web Lab

Web Development

HTML, Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla
We build responsive websites, compatible to all major browsers, speed & performance optimised, and compliant to modern Internet Standards.
Supportive Web Services by Mary's Web Lab

Supportive Services

Maintenance, Update, Upgrade, Optimisation
Our supportive services save you time and money, while your online presence is moving to the next level! Anything you need, you will find it here!
Consulting Services by Mary's Web Lab


YAY! You just found your Mentor!
Whether you are a total newbie not knowing where to start, or an experienced user looking for some guidance, Mary is the right person to help you!
Online Courses by Mary's Web Lab

Online Courses

Small budget and limited time? You still can be awesome!
If your wallet doesn't allow you to hire a Pro, Mary's Courses are the ideal solution for you, even if coding is just Greek to you!

Blogs, Portfolios, Magazines,

Websites for:
Businesses, Communities, NGOs, Churches, Politicians, Charities, Fundraising, Crowdfunding

eShops, Subscription/Paid content based websites

Wiki, Q&A, Online Learning, and more...

CSS edits, Bug fixing, Design optimization

Content upload & styling, Website tuning, Templates install & configuration, Migration to another server/URL, Backup & Restore

Hosting, Doodle animated videos, HTML Signatures & Newsletters, Usability testing, Coming Soon/Landing pages

Design & SEO optimization, and more...

Mary is able to help you identify your exact needs, and then to guide you how to fulfill them.

She can help you choose the right hosting, find the appropriate platform, identify which features do you actually need, choose the payment provider that fits your needs better, plan your marketing strategy, manage your social presence, promote your web page, etc.

All courses are delivered directly to your inbox.

You can choose between Mini Courses, or book a Private Class to receive training that actually works, written by Mary, based on her experience, her knowledge, and the latest online trends and Internet standards.

Find out more and book yours now!

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